On Site Machining

When faced with alignment problems, machining is often the best solution. We know how difficult it is to transport large equipment and we are fully aware of the fact that transport will cost you precious time and money. That is why we offer on site machining services in order to offer the best solution.

When objects and rotating equipment such as thruster pods must be mounted on the top plate or foundation, they must first be machined: circularly, flatly or perpendicularly.

Frequently used objects for on site machining are:

  • Stern tubes as related to bearings, seats and seal plates
  • Bed plates of gearboxes, guiding rails and turbos of engines
  • Slewing bearing foundations of thrusters and cranes
  • Foundations
  • Wind turbine pedestals


By using Climax portable machining tools, the seating surface of stern tube bearings are machined to a target offset and slope. This is first calculated by using FEM model calculation software in order to obtain the perfect load distribution of the bearings under different operational conditions.


When objects or machinery must be placed directly on the foundations, milling must be performed. This must be done based on the results of a flatness deviation survey by using laser or 3D measurement equipment if proved to be out of tolerance.


The same arguments as for milling hold true for a flange of a thruster or crane pedestal and this must be measured and brought within the tolerance values before the machinery or bearing can be mounted. If required, the flange must be machined by using Climax portable flange facing tools.